A Day Trip to the Hoonigan Donut Garage

A Day trip to the Hoonigan Donut Garage

What started out as a name for Ken Block’s racing team, Hoonigan has become synonymous with insane driving, big stunts, and even bigger smoke. Though known for their large presences in apparel and merchandise sales, the crew at Hoonigan are major players in the automotive media content world. Over the past few years Hoonigan has pumped out more videos per week than most mainstream automotive magazines and websites do in a month. With their large collection of series such as “Daily Transmission”, “Yard Party”, and “Garage Garage” filmed at their Long Beach California headquarters, we drop by the Hoonigan Donut Garage to check out where all the hooning happens.

Tucked in an industrial area of the town, the Hoonigan Donut Garage can often be missed if it wasn’t for the presence of all the project cars parked out front.

As we enter, we are greeted with “The Hoonigan Bakery” where you can find the latest in Hoonigan apparel and merchandise for purchase.

The Hoonigan Bakery

We make our way to the production area that includes an editing bay housed in a trailer alongside a seating area. Next to the ping pong table from Hoonigan HQ in Utah is their version of a Hoonigan wall of fame consisting of tire rubber from big burnouts housed in individually labeled jars.

A large office area in the back houses the ever-growing team of Hoonigan staff including designers, photographers, and editors.

Doubling as a set for most their film series, the garage at Hoonigan houses some well famous rides such as the “ScumBug”, “Sh!tcar”, and “Twerkstallion” while secretly building other projects yet to be revealed.

Perhaps the most famous of part of the compound is the lot outside of the main building otherwise known as “The Yard” where it is the backdrop of many famous tire shredding and burnout videos.