Artist Max Grundy Takes on Custom Cars

Max Grundy SEMA

If have been to any hot rod shows or automotive conventions in the past decade, chances are you have come across quite a few of Max Grundy’s pieces. Hailing from Utah, Max started off as an Art teacher but eventually moved to Southern California to pursue his career as an artist and immersing himself in the Southern California car culture. His name is well known amongst those in the hot rod community and his distinctive automotive art combines a blend of war-time propaganda and comic book style while utilizing heavy black lines and a minimal color palette to create a look that is truly one-of-a-kind.

With World War II era inspirations combined with a post-apocalyptic theme, his prints are highly sought after in the automotive art world. As his artwork appealed to both the younger generation as well as seasoned enthusiasts with its unique style and influences, Grundy caught the attention many major manufacturers along with Disney who commissioned him for their WonderGround Gallery as well as the folks at SEMA who eventually signed him on as the 2014 SEMA show artist. 

More recently Grundy began bringing his unique automotive renderings to life with an actual custom creation. Centered around a 1961 Chrysler Hardtop, Grundy and crew began the transformation with a 3” chop and custom body work, custom interior along with custom American Racing Wheels all designed by Max himself. Powered by a 383ci Chrysler motor and sporting a custom air ride system, Grundy made sure the car can be driven to its fullest. With its debut at the 2018 SEMA show, Max Grundy’s 1961 Chrysler Newport Kustom is the first of many from the mind of Max.