Max Grundy SEMA

If have been to any hot rod shows or automotive conventions in the past decade, chances are you have come across quite a few of Max Grundy’s pieces. Hailing from Utah, Max started off as an Art teacher but eventually moved to Southern California to pursue his career as an artist and immersing himself in the Southern California car culture. His name is well known amongst those in the hot rod community and his distinctive automotive art combines a blend of war-time propaganda and comic book style while utilizing heavy black lines and a minimal color palette to create a look that is truly one-of-a-kind.

With nearly 20 years of experience working at So Cal Speed Shop, Jimmy Shine is no newcomer to building insane cars. Having grown up in Southern California going to drag races and off-road races with his father, fast cars is in his DNA. At the age of 8 years old, his dad taught him how to weld and he began making his own bike frames at age 12. In the years since, Jimmy began working at famed So Cal Speed Shop in Pomona and eventually moving on to opening his own shop in Orange, CA. Focusing mainly on cars from the early 1900s-era, Shine Speed Shop has built numerous hot rods and high powered custom cars. While all of the cars coming out of the Shine Speed Shop garage has turned heads, we take a look at 4 iconic builds from Jimmy and his boys.

Hailing from Colorado, artist Alex Carmona has made a name for himself in the automotive art world through his traditional method of utilizing wood and linoleum as a medium for making relief prints. His work caught the attention of the folks at SEMA, which led to Alex being commissioned as the featured artist for the 2018 SEMA show. Since then his handmade prints made from pressing paper against ink on intricately carved wooden plates have become highly sought after to collectors of all genres. Featured below are some of Alex’s most exceptional pieces.

Brad Gerber, VP of Sales and Chief Development Officer of NHRA, shares his excitement about NHRA drag racing. Take a peek inside his world! See the NHRA in Riyadh!

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