Jimmy Spyrs gives us a look at the history behind PCI Race Radios. See them at Riyadh Car Show!

The cultural power of lowriding

By Joe Ray

Lowriding is more than a niche market. It’s a tradition and a way of life. Our style reigns supreme, and our future remains consistent with the foundation it was built on. Whereas other arenas of car customization get reinterpreted with each new generation of enthusiasts, lowriding is a cultural phenomenon that preserves its historical roots and styling cues.

Ken Block Climkhana 2 Hoonitruck

If you thought after 10 episodes of hooning around in his Gymkhana series Ken Block would be done, think again. After the success of ‘Climbkhana’, a spin-off of his Gymkhana series in which Block takes his ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang up Pikes Peak, he is at it again with ‘Climbkhana 2’. This time piloting his 914hp twin turbo custom tuned Ford F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’ up Tianmen Mountain along what is undoubtedly China’s most dangerous road. Check out the tire-slaying action below as Block tries not to slide off Tianmen Mountain while ripping some wild donuts and of course, there’s some more Segway action again.

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