From Evolution to Revolution

The cultural power of lowriding

By Joe Ray

Lowriding is more than a niche market. It’s a tradition and a way of life. Our style reigns supreme, and our future remains consistent with the foundation it was built on. Whereas other arenas of car customization get reinterpreted with each new generation of enthusiasts, lowriding is a cultural phenomenon that preserves its historical roots and styling cues.

In short, we, as lowriders, accentuate the original styling cues but remain faithful to the deep-seated styles, values and traditions that created the original movement.  Whether it be a bomb, classic truck, vert or coupe, lowriders may have been shunned in years past, but now it’s unique appeal is influencing other parts of car cultures, and our work has just begun.  As a culture, our mission is to preserve the age-old traditions created by our forefathers. Our history and tradition remain of utter importance to us because as lowriders we are more concerned with passing down historically correct traditions, rather than creating hype or trendy waves.

Over the decades, lowriding has become a fundamental and magnetically powerful part of car culture that has reached all corners of the globe. From Japan to Brazil, Germany to Dubai, lowriding is not for the faint of heart. Lowriding is about self-expression. It’s a culture that goes against the odds and one that requires a backbone – not a wishbone. We are hard workers who believe in the greater good, and in the end, we are here to promote and protect a culture that has remained true to its roots because, in our world, we value preservation over power and put passion over profit.